MT 550

This page hosts material for a course I am currently teaching called Problems from the History of Mathematics, which was made possible through the Deans’ Faculty Fellowship program.

This class chronicles the history of mathematics through a diverse selection of famous historical problems.  Students will learn about these problems, their solutions, and the impact each problem had on mathematics and/or metamathematics.


Lecture 1 (1/24-1/26): The Pythagorean Theorem and Pythagorean Triples
Lecture 2 (1/29): Representation via Egyptian Fractions
Lecture 3 (1/31): The Parallel Postulate
Lecture 4 (2/2-2/5): Impossible Constructions
Lecture 5 (2/7): Classification of Regular Polyhedra
Lecture 6 (2/9): Greek Proto-Calculus
Lecture 7 (2/12): The Cattle Problem of Archimedes


Problem Set #1 (due 2/2)
Problem Set #2 (due 2/9)
Problem Set #3 (due 2/16)