CRUMS 2016:

The following series of puzzles were written by Sara Schulz and myself during the summer of 2016 and released in two rounds during a weekend hunt in September of that year. The hunt was too difficult overall, but a few teams did very well nevertheless. In particular, every puzzle received a forward solve and one team solved every puzzle.  (Solutions should all be up soon.)

1.1 Stellar Bodies Solution
1.2 RE:Morsels of Love Solution
1.3 On the Shoulders of Giants
1.4 Trimming the Fat Solution
1.5 Strange Brew Solution
2.1 Heard it Through the Grapevine Solution
2.2 Gold Standard Solution
2.3 Down Under Solution
2.4 Grid Lock Solution
2.5 Scrabble Puzzle Solution
M Double Batch Solution

Miscellaneous Puzzles:

1 The Grind (CRUMS 3) Solution